Since we opened our doors in 1997, Becker Logistics has provided the highest quality customer service:

We begin with integrity
Our employees are honest and reliable while handling your freight. Integrity is the lifeblood of our company.

Our value is in our word
Products we ship for you are delivered safely and on time. This is our approach to every shipment.

We are unique
While we hold ourselves to a high standard, we also work hard to keep our rates low and affordable for you.

Transportation improvement and savings
Through our operations team and strong carrier base, we have the capability and resources to find a truck that will not only deliver on time but will also cost less for your company.



With accurate data reports, availability, speed and depth of range, Becker Logistics has the best business tools in the industry.

Our technicians and users work with our customers and carriers to execute an organized process that can provide accurate analysis while eliminating pitfalls or questionable reports.

Some added benefits to our customers include predetermined additional reports which allow our customers to see specific requirements and calculations which are broken down to specific parameters.