3PL Communication

Importance of Great 3PL Communication

Communication is one of the most important aspects to have if you wish to provide a great shipping experience. 3PL communication needs to be quick, consistent, and around the clock.

Proper communication is needed from everyone involved in the shipping process. This leads to the best level of service being provided and received. A shipper can’t expect everything to go perfect if they themselves are not communicating effectively. However, it is up to the 3PL to get the information needed for a successful shipment since they are ultimately accountable.

By keeping communication open and reaching out for needed information, from the shipper and carrier, the 3PL is able to maintain a level of excellence.

One of the common breakdowns in communication is after hours. As a shipper, it is important to partner with a company with after-hours support so that you can get a response whenever you need it. The supply chain never sleeps and neither should your shipping partner.

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Impacts of 3PL Communication

Stress-Free Shipping

When you know that your answers are only a phone call or email away shipping become a lot less stressful. Find a 3PL provider that makes shipping easier for you.

Increased Visibility

When your 3PL doesn’t respond your freight becomes invisible. This is why 3PL communication is so important, shippers need to know where their product is.


3PL partnerships are built on trust. The best way to get trust is to keep communication open and easy so that the shipper knows everything’s taken care of.

How Becker Logistics Ensures Open Communication

At Becker Logistics, we keep lines of communication open by having a team that cares, great technology, and refined procedures. Communication all starts with the team, we believe each company having their own personal point of contact is the best way which is why our Account Managers are always available.

Additionally, we have the technology and infrastructure in place to make sure the lines of communication always stay open. No matter how the shipper wishes to communicate, we have someone that is ready to respond.

Third, we have processes set up specifically for 3PL communication. Checklists and SOPs that must be run through on each order so that everyone is in the loop and there are no surprises.