On Time Shipping

Importance of On Time Shipping

Ensuring on-time pick-up and delivery is one of the most important measures for a 3PL company to do consistently. The supply chain is always getting more and more complex with added interconnected links. A disruption at one stage of the supply chain has several knock-on effects that will impact many chains down the line, maybe even the shipper’s customers. As a result, it has become vital for a 3PL to provide on-time shipping with every order.

There are countless factors that go into ensuring on-time delivery. While working in transportation, each factor needs to be monitored and tracked. If some kind of error arises the flow is disrupted and it throws everything completely off balance.  This results in delays and disruptions if you don’t know what you are doing. Because of this, it is key to partner with a logistics company that has experience and a proven system in place to resolve any issue that arises.

When deciding on a partner in logistics make sure you choose someone that isn’t always running late. You can do this by looking over their past KPIs, giving them a test load or two, and by checking out any references.

When you partner with a 3PL, it is vital to make sure you can count on them to be on-time with the pickup and delivery.

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Impacts of On Time Shipping

Saves Money

Shipping orders on-time is critical for the sale of a product at stores. On-time shipping helps avoid late shipping fees from retailers or consignees.

Better for Business

By picking a trustworthy 3PL to handle your shipments, your company looks good to your customers and suppliers because the product will arrive on time and everyone makes a profit.


When your shipments come in on time with no hassles or issues, your reputation as a company and decision maker increase. It may even land you more customers than before.

How Becker Logistics Ships On Time Every Time

At Becker Logistics we ensure on-time shipping in a variety of ways.  The number one way is by working with only the best carriers and maintaining open communication with them while they are out on the road.  Furthermore, we offer specialty shipping and services to ensure that your freight is delivered on time, such as expedited shipping.

Additionally, Becker Logistics offers support around the clock. There is never a time that we are not keeping an eye on our shipments.  We do all of this because we know the importance of our customers’ freight.  These shipments can make or break a company’s entire year and when they put that trust in us we take it on as a responsibility, as should every logistics company.