Transparent Shipping

Importance of Partnering with a Transparent and Trusted 3PL

In order to be a trusted 3PL company, you have to be transparent and open. This means being open about the logistic costs, pricing, and general operations. Trust is everything when it comes to 3PL partnerships. If you’re a 3PL that cannot be trusted then you will not be moving freight.

This transparency lets the shipper, and any other partner, know that you can be trusted. For shippers, it means they never lose sight of their freight and they know that they are getting what they pay for. For carriers, it means providing accurate information so that they can make a successful delivery and by following up on all promises made.

However, even with transparency, shippers should make sure that they have an idea of the market and where prices are at. This provides some additional context to the process and lets them know where they stand.

Through a partnership with a transparent and trusted 3PL, shippers can know that their freight is being managed correctly. It should also be mentioned that transparency goes pretty much hand in hand with communication. Without communication, you cannot have transparency.

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Impacts of Transparent Shipping

Stress-Free Shipping

Partnering with a 3PL should reduce stress, not increase it! A Transparent 3PL will let you know all the information you need to rest easy.


3PL partnerships are built on trust. The best way to get trust is to continuously provide insight into the operations so that the shipper knows everything’s taken care of.


With a transparent service being provided a strong partnership can be formed which results in better savings for the shipper and consistent business for the 3PL.

How Becker Logistics Ensures Transparency and Trust

Becker Logistics works to be transparent in all logistic costs and operations, we have built our organization on a base of integrity.  Additionally, we work hard to be known as a trusted 3PL company by our customers by following through with our quotes even if it means that we take a hit.  Whether it be the occasional spot rate or a contract rate, we make sure that expectations are met and that you are informed of our process.

Additionally, we work across all industries so we know what to expect from our customers and what kind of service they are looking for.