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Cargo Theft Reaches $114 Million:

This past year cargo theft overall has dropped for the third year in a row, however the value of the stolen loads has increased. According to Cargo Net the value of the missing freight peaked at $114 million compared to that of $100.5 million in 2015. The police believe that the fluctuation in numbers could be related to more frequent reporting and greater awareness of cargo theft. The top state for cargo theft was California with 228 incidents, followed by Texas with 135 incidents and New Jersey with 73 incidents. The most common commodities were food and beverages, with second most common being electronic goods. The top commodity stolen has varied from prior years, in 2015 the biggest loss was that of the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Investigators have said that law enforcement has done an excellent job responding to the reports of cargo theft. Unfortunately, it remains difficult to prevent future theft because the culprits responsible continue to be strategic with their methods and locations when committing criminal offenses. Increasing awareness and safe practices across the freight industry will help deter thieves and hopefully help overall cargo theft continue to decrease year after year.