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From the CEO's Desk: RFP


Every week it seems that one of our offices is receiving a RFP. I now look back after twenty years in business to reflect on all the different ways we have handled RFP’s. Most commonly known as a “Request for Proposal”; I remember sales people refer to it as a “Really Frustrating and Painful experience (RFP-e)”.

We learned over the years with our growth that we needed to streamline these processes to be more efficient. We are excited that more and more RFP’s are coming in every week. This could only mean that more and more companies are learning about Becker and our services. So we are excited to let you know our process continues to change to handle the new volume.

Becker’s customer’s true purpose of an RFP is for their company to receive competitive pricing, best possible service, and consistency throughout their supply chain. RFP’s should not be a “Really Frustrating and Painful experience (RFP-e)” for our sales team and definitely not for our customers. We promise to continue to strive for excellence in our process and create an even better platform for our company.
-Jim Becker, CEO