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Racing Through the Rapids Contest

Water. We use it for drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning. It provides power and waters our crops. We play in it and we plan destination vacations around it. Without it, we cannot live.

However, water can be dangerous. Currents, rapids, and rip tides can take down even the best of swimmers. In a kayak race, being trapped under the surface of your kayak can be a game changer - life ending.

Competing in Becker Logistics’ Racing through the Rapids contest was a race for only the brave! This race is known for being the most competitive, the most challenging, the most difficult, the most dangerous, the best, the hardest, the gnarliest contest of the year which could only be won by the top people. It required attention and precision to finish at the top with highest number of outbound calls in one of two teams: Account Managers and CSRs. Q4 is known to be a difficult time of year to connect with customers who have erratic schedules. Our winner in the Account Manager group Eric P in our Chicago IL office didn’t let that stop him. He got out of the gate with a strong start however in week 2 he wasn’t even on the leader board as Amanda P in HQ took the top spot. By week 3 he was back in the top 3 and never looked back finishing at 2,452 outbound calls.

A very similar story in the CSR race where winner David Y in HQ took early command of the race in week 2 because in week 1 he wasn’t even on the leader board – David V in Crystal Lake IL took top dog in week 1. Week 2 David Y made his showing and came in top of the race. He continued to finish in the top spot nearly every week finishing at 6,918 calls during the race. He was only challenged in week 7 by Andrew B in Chicago IL who came in top of the racers.

Congratulations to our winners. May you always remember “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning how to kayak in the rain!"

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Winner Eric P

Account Manager Winner: Eric P.

Winner David Y

CSR WInner: David Y.