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Where we are now and the opening of our St. Louis, MO Office

Previously we shared (in this blog post here) that Becker Logistics set out to open four new offices in 2019. On March 4, we opened our second new office in 2019 located in St. Louis, MO. This office is being run by Dominic Marchesi, who has a plethora of Logistics experience managing a team as well as servicing customers and carriers. Dominic first heard about Becker Logistics while attending a conference that Becker Logistics CEO and founder Jim Becker was speaking at. After the conference Jim and Dominic met and talked about their visions and drives and something clicked. After some initial back and forth on the office location, we settled in St. Louis as we believe this will allow us to secure some great talent as this location continues to grow and expand. Dominic is excited and equipped to open and run this office.

St Louis Becker Logistics office interior
St Louis Becker Logistics office
Dominic St Louis Branch Manager

This office was our 7th Becker location. The rapid expansion is only possible due to our recent growth and expansion, in the last year we've had a 133% growth in revenue. Additionally, we hired 88 employees in 2018; a 50% increase year over year. As we continue to grow and expand, clinging to our core values as a company is critical. It is especially critical as we plan for our future.

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