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A New Chapter for Becker Logistics: Denver, CO

Written by Bella I.

Today marks the official opening of Becker Logistics’ newest office, located in Denver, CO! After opening offices around the Midwest, and even expanding into Canada through our Toronto office, the only place left for us to go is west. The incredibly fast growth of Denver as a major metropolitan city has increased the presence of many logistics and 3PL companies in the west. The population boom in Colorado, coupled with the fast-paced growth of Becker Logistics made Denver the perfect location for our expansion into the West.

We have a hunger to succeed, and to go above and beyond at everything we do and opening an office in Denver allows for us to seek talented individuals in a new area and the different time zone allows us to have a more holistic perspective and understanding of our customers, carriers and the industry as a whole.

One of the primary proponents in the construction of our new office was Lori McClimans. Lori is Becker Logistics’ new HR Director. She has lived in Colorado since 1986, and has over 24 years of experience in Logistics, particularly working with 3PLs. Lori genuinely loves the transportation industry because she feels her work is purposeful when she is able to physically see the result of the work she does in the form of food, produce and commodities in the stores.

She is undeniably proud of the work she does, the relationships she has made, and all that is to come now that she is part of the Becker team! First introduced to Jim, she says she has always admired his work ethic, his drive and his dedication to his business. With the incredible growth Becker Logistics has seen in the past few years, Lori and Jim knew that the opening of an office in Denver and the addition of Lori to the Becker team was pertinent to continuing the current growth rate and revenue potential.

We look forward to seeing all that Lori will accomplish and all the possibilities that will arise from our new Denver office; we are excited to begin this new chapter and to begin to expand into the west. We cannot wait to see what the future has in store for Becker Logistics!


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