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Becker Logistics at the Basket Brigade

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This past Saturday (11/17/2018) several employees of Becker Logistics participated in the Basket Brigade charity event located at the Hoffman Estates High School. The goal of the Basket Brigade is to package and deliver Thanksgiving dinners to local families in need and this year the event was a huge success! There were over 1,300 dinners prepared and delivered, which is the most that the Basket Brigade has delivered yet! The event was a great time and there were plenty of people helping in any way they could, whether that meant unloading the trucks, preparing the boxes, or managing the crowd. Even the younger ones were pitching in by coloring in pictures that were included with each box. After all of the boxes were prepped the assigned drivers went out and delivered each box to a family in need. It was very heartwarming to see the faces of everyone that was being helped as they received their Thanksgiving dinners and reminded us why it is that we go and donate our time to a good cause.

Becker Logistics is proud to be a 2018 sponsor of the Basket Brigade and we hope that every family is able to have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. Additionally, Basket Brigade is still accepting donations so head over to their donation page and make a difference for a family in need. All donations go to The Lorraine M. Walsh Memorial Foundation.