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Notre Dame Career Fair

Becker Logistics recently sponsored and attended the Notre Dame 2019 winter career fair. This was the first time we have attending a career fair at Notre Dame and it was a wonderful experience, the campus was beautiful and all of the students that we talked to were great. After the fair we met some of the students to have a more casual conversation about their school experience and what they are looking for out of a job or internship. We are always looking for the best people to bring on to our team, whether that be for an exciting first job out of college or an internship for current students. We want our employees to be able to grow with the company so that as new needs arise someone will be able to take on the tasks and hit the ground running. Another reason we are going to so many career fairs this year is because we are growing at a very fast pace. We are opening new offices, which means that we need to hire on great talent to manage those offices and create new innovative workflows that allows for us to offer the best services. It is these kind of people that we are looking for when we go to these career fairs, we want people that are able to go above and beyond, people that are looking to shake things up and that have the follow through to see a project through to the end. Becker Logistics is changing, not only ourselves but the logistics industry and we are excited to show you where we are going.

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