How Food Logistics Services are Improved by Reliability Cover Photo

How Food Logistics Services are Improved by Reliability

There are countless issues and difficulties that can arise in food logistics services.  Food as freight is very fragile and needs to be held to very high standards. Entire shipments can be lost due to a variety of small oversights. This can be from the trailer being a couple of degrees too hot to some

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How to Get the Best Shipping Rate from 3PL partner

The shipping and logistics market is very volatile so how can you make sure you’re getting the best shipping rate? How can you make sure that the quote you are receiving is the best deal? And even if you get multiple rates, how do you know which one will work best for you? There are

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4 ways Communication Leads to the Best 3PL Service

There are many factors that come into play in providing the best 3PL service possible. Communication is one of the most important aspects to have if you wish to provide and receive the best service possible. Proper communication is needed from everyone involved in the shipping process. This leads to the best service to be

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How a Better 3PL Partner will help you Succeed

Business is built on partnerships, and a better 3PL partner will help do more than move your freight from point A to B. By choosing a 3PL that fits with your organization, you will be able to invest your time and efforts into other areas of your business, which will allow you to focus on

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Becker Logistics Celebrating 23 Years of Business

Becker Logistics is thrilled to turn 23 years old on May 16, 2020. Through our 23 years of dedication to our customers, carriers, and employees, we continue to deliver with integrity and purpose every time. Innovation drives us. With 51% of small businesses being 10 years old or less, Becker Logistics has surpassed many barriers

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