Becker Logistics expansion into Brookfield

Challenges Faced and the Opening of Our Brookfield, WI Office

Since the start of this year Becker Logistics has opened 4 new locations and this has come with plenty of challenges along the way. We’ve had to change office locations, frantically search for more people, and decide on different regions altogether. These struggles all had different levels of impact and required in some cases entire

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Becker Logistics Blog cover photo top golf intern night

Top Golf with the 2019 Summer Interns

The management team of Becker Logistics recently took the new summer 2019 interns out to Top Golf for a night so everyone had a chance to mingle and get to know each other. Check out the photo album below, click on the photos to enlarge.

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Becker Logistics blog expansion into Texas

Our Journey and The Opening of Our Irving, TX Office

Late last year we ran several ads stating that Becker Logistics is growing and that we were looking to bring on new people to work at Becker Logistics. You can view the first of these ads by clicking here. In these ads, we also said that we were planning on opening four new offices in 2019,

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