Our Purpose and Role as a Third Party Logistics Company

The purpose statement of Becker Logistics is to support the supply chain with purpose and integrity. We define this by supporting our customers and carriers, even in unknown times, in an effort to keep the supply chain continuously moving. Through our dedication to ensuring our contributions are impactful to the operations of our partners, we

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When is an Expedited Freight Service Worth Using?

What is Expedited Shipping? Expedited shipping is shipping that arrived more quickly than the standard time and usually costs a bit extra because of that, but is expedited freight service worth it? It all depends on the situation that the shipper finds themselves in, but there are certain times where it is worth paying a

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Starting and Building a Career in Logistics Sales

A career in logistics sales is full of opportunity, transformation, and sometimes mayhem.  Communication is key to succeed in logistics operations, the job is full of communicating back and forth internally, with shippers, and with carriers.  It is vital that you can communicate effectively to work within the industry. Additionally, having integrity and honesty are

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Setup With Carriers To Build Partnerships

It is important for a logistics company to setup with carriers that will result in a long-lasting relationship. A carrier, in the context of logistics, is a company that owns and operates the transportation equipment being used to move freight.  For the purposes of this blog, we will be talking exclusively about trucking companies. In

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