3 Ways to Provide a Great Frozen 3PL Service  

There is a great deal of effort that goes into transporting frozen items, but this is attainable through a trusting 3PL service. A 3PL, or third-party logistics can handle a multitude of tasks related to the supply chain and transportation needs of companies of shapes and size. Companies that need to move their frozen goods should partner with a 3PL to ensure success through each transport. The process is not always simple, but partner with those that can make it a simple process for you. Here are 3 major ways that a 3PL can provide great service to frozen goods.  

Mode of Transportation for Frozen Items 

First, you cannot just expect that frozen items will remain intact without a proper mode of transportation. The best way to transport freight that has frozen items in it is through refrigerated trucks. Refrigerated freight shipping, also known as reefer shipping, allows temperature-controlled products to be transported effectively. Refrigerated trailers carry freight at low or freezing temperatures. These containers are outfitted with refrigeration systems capable of maintaining specified temperatures. Be mindful to mix and match products that require different temperatures. Therefore, a constantly maintained temperature to keep items frozen is clearly more ideal. These reefers can prevent your frozen items from perishing and allow you to have peace of mind. 

3PLs Keep It Up to Date 

Next, there is no better way to deal with logistics issues and challenges than by staying relevant and up to date. The way to stay up to date is through advanced technology. The landscape of shipping technology is constantly shifting, but a good 3PL would be attuned to these shifts for you. Technology for a 3PL shipping company is like the building methods and techniques for that craftsman we’ve been talking about. You can trust that just because things are working, doesn’t mean they are the most efficient.

Moreover, the right 3PL partner can adapt to allow technology to make up the most efficient processes. The technology that 3PLs use can amplify many capabilities that include strong communication networks, usable data and transparency.  

Expertise Provided by 3PLs 

Finally, the third important feature of a 3PL that is incomparable is the expertise of frozen services. With expertise comes an array of experience and connections that have been formed over the years. Whether it’s with extensive carrier relations or innovative shipping procedures, a knowledgeable 3PL can provide great frozen services. They have built relationships with a vast carrier network with reliable and dependable personnel. Shipping frozen goods requires a high level of quality. Good partnerships across the board can provide the kind of level that you seek and can trust. For example, 3PLs have coordinators to handle warehousing of frozen goods. They maintain industry standards by aligning your mission with great care and attention. The experts would negotiate pricing for you and suggest the most optimal reinforcements.  

No matter if your product requires chilled, frozen, or someplace in between, Becker Logistics can manage meeting a precise pickup and delivery schedule to keep your company operating efficiently and products moving. If you are looking for a 3PL with a vast network in North America that has the capabilities of maintaining the customer-centric approach, contact the team at Becker Logistics today.   

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