4 Ways that Technology Impacts Dry Van Trucking Companies

When it comes to shipping and logistics, dry van trucking companies are usually pretty simple. I mean, it’s a giant box on wheels that can move dry van freight from point A to point B. What level of technology can really be applied?

Well, a lot actually. There are constant improvements and innovations being found and applied to the shipping and logistics world. It makes sense that some of these would also apply to dry van shipping. There are 4 main innovations and technologies that impact dry van freight; predictive analysis, lane tracking, track and tracing, and automated freight matching.

Predictive Analysis

The first innovation that is impacting dry van trucking companies is predictive analysis. Predictive Analysis is used to predicate future trends using statistical modeling, regression analysis, and other data processes. Predictive analysis has been around for a long time in one form or another. Years ago it was simply looking at data and making a decision, now there’s a lot more involved.

With advancements in technology, we can look at millions of points of data and find things that would have been impossible otherwise. This technology is applied to dry van freight by forecasting demand, developing pricing, managing inventory, and much more.

Lane Tracking

Another new process that has become invaluable is lane tracking. Dry van trucking companies can now find the absolute best routes and lanes to go from point A to B. In a way, this is predicate analysis but is so important it deserves its own section.

By looking at traffic, weather, distance, and the major points of interest the algorithm is able to output the route the will get the driver to the delivery the quickest, which of course is also the cheapest. To get even more out of this, there are options to add live trackers onto the truck itself; see how much gas is being used, check for slowdowns, and other live tracking. Using this data, routes can continue to be optimized.

Track and Trace Technology

Tack and trace technology is being implemented by practically all shipping companies now. The ability for the shipper to see exactly where their freight is becoming a requirement. Dry van trucking companies, and really all trucking companies, need to make sure they are able to provide the level of service required.

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Digital Freight Matching

Digital freight matching matches a shipper’s need directly, and automatically, with a carrier. Dry van trucking companies are able to use the technology by using the same apps that their customers use so that they can be automatically matched with loads.

This tech is still quite new with a lot of different companies trying it out. As a result, there are many different marketplaces. Digital freight matching has the opportunity to really simplify the whole shipping process and make booking a load as simple as ordering an Uber.

Technology is always advancing and processes are always being improved. With other technology like automated trucks, efficient electric trucks, and more advanced A.I. the future is bright. At Becker Logistics, we are always looking for new ways to do things. For 24 years, we have stayed on the forefront of shipping technologies so that we could offer the best service.

If you would like to find out more about Becker Logistics you can do so by contacting us, additionally, if you want to get shipping today then reach out and request a quote.

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