Advantages and Disadvantages of Road Transport 

Supply chain logistics relies heavily on road transport along with other forms of transportation. Companies use road transport to ship many kinds of goods from one place to another. It is considered to be an exceptionally reliable and user-friendly method for many businesses. Regardless of demand and type, road transport makes for a great option when it comes to door-to-door delivery. Although there are massive advantages, there are also some disadvantages to opting for transporting via road. Here are some of those pros and cons for you to contemplate before making a final decision regarding your freight’s transport.  

What are the Advantages of Road Transport? 

1. Road Transport Flexibility 

There is a level of flexibility when it comes to road transportation. Transporting goods via air, rail or sea is found to be more difficult to work around last-minute route or schedule adjustments. Overall, there is a higher scope of flexibility because of the option to modify plans to accommodate your needs. You can switch up availability and convenience as things can change at any given time.  

2. More Viable Road Access 

Road transport gives you the benefit of accessing any area at any time. If your vehicle fits, then goods can be delivered to more destinations via the road. Inaccessible regions, like remote destinations or mountainous heights, can be seen as less of a challenge when you are delivering items on the road. You can head from bigger cities to smaller cities with less trouble. 

3. Short Distance Means Better Transport Service 

When you need to transport products over a short distance, then going by road proves to be cost effective and quicker. Extra service charges are excused because you are delivering goods directly to a destination. These could be beneficial when products are perishable, or shipping is time sensitive. Essentially, the advantage lies in spending less on investment in comparison to other modes of transportation and are more economically sound.  


What are the Disadvantages of Road Transport? 

1. Prone to Delays 

Unfortunately, road transport cannot always guarantee quick delivery. Depending on route and location, road transport can take longer than other forms of transportation. Rail or air are alternatives that some argue can be faster, and therefore more efficient. Delays can add up and then deliveries can be missed. Roads can be in poor condition, there can be unexpected traffic, or drivers may need extra break time, which can all cause further delays. Regardless of how much you coordinate, road transportation can be unnecessarily slow.  

2. Safety Measures 

When travelling by road, you’re more susceptible to the varying weather, which could negatively impact supply chain shipping. Safety is a big part to be mindful of. You must deal with fog, thunderstorms or other extreme weather-related issues that make the road less safe to travel on. Remember that you raise the chances of accidents happening or your car breaking down. In addition, you might be in the risky position of your goods being looted on the road.  
3. Overweight Issues in Transport 

In the event of transporting heavy freight, going by road may not be the best of options. Longer distance travel makes road transport of heavy products an unfit choice. You can be stuck overloading or damaging heavy freight that needs better handling. It would be troublesome to slow down speed just to get through longer distances. You end up spending more and putting up with difficult situations.

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