Always Provide the Best Quote for Shipping Freight

Companies face many potential problems when looking for a quote for shipping freight. This can be anything from untrustworthy brokers to subpar services. Of course, though, there is always an inherent risk when giving up control of an aspect of our business. It is the responsibility of the outside company (in the case of shipping, a 3PL) to ensure that everything will be handled with quality and care.

There are countless 3PL companies out there that can handle freight shipping for their customers. It is the 3PLs responsibility to work for the shipper and find the best quote that they can. This means putting in the extra time and effort to reach out to multiple carriers so that they know that the service will be fulfilled to the shipper’s expectations.

The best 3PLs are the ones that aren’t only looking out for themselves. Doing so may make some quick money, but in the long run, it’s always best to provide a fair quote for shipping freight. By building relations with their customers they can make sure that they have a stable future ahead of them.

Finding the Right Freight Quote

Cost versus quality. This is always one of the biggest decisions to make in business. In freight shipping, you can aim for a cheaper quote or a higher quality service. There are, of course, areas in the middle, and cheaper quotes don’t always translate into lower-quality service. It is important for the shipper to know the market well enough that they can negotiate to a price that reflects the level of quality they would like for their shipment.

As a relationship between the 3PL and shipper is formed it will be easier to determine what the needs and wants are for each shipment. This is also true for the relation between a 3PL and their carriers. As 3PLs build their carrier network, they will know who to go-to for any kind of load that comes their way. This means that when a shipper comes to them requesting a quote for shipping freight the 3PL can quickly evaluate and go out to the carriers that they know can handle it.

How Becker Logistics provides freight shipping quotes

At Becker Logistics we are always fine-tuning and working on our processes to make sure we are providing the best quotes for shipping freight. We start off by always reaching out to at least seven of our already trusted carriers so that we know we are going to provide the best service for our customers.

Additionally, we have a strong set of core values that each employee follows. This all starts at the top by ensuring that management is displaying these values as well. Integrity is our number one value so we make sure it is always on display.

Becker Associates providing a quote for freight shipping

If you would like to see if Becker Logistics can provide a quote for shipping your freight then you can request a quote or reach out directly.

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