Becker Logistics Celebrates 24 Years in Business

Becker Logistics has turned 24 years as of May 16, 2021!

We are excited to have reached this milestone. Not only has business been going okay, it has been going great! We have been THRIVING and GROWING. The past year was tough but we were lucky enough to have the infrastructure and processes in place to succeed in a remote, work from home, world.

Over the past 24 years, we have been dedicated to delivering our services with integrity and purpose to our customers, carriers, and employees. At 24 years old, Becker Logistics has overcome and surpassed many roadblocks along the way. About 20% of new businesses fail within the first two years of operating, so we’re extremely proud to get to this moment.

Thank you to all that have helped us get to 24 years in business – our loyal customers, our carriers, and our amazing Becker Logistics employees.  

To the carriers that have partnered with us over the years and have always gone the extra mile, thank you; your commitment to Becker Logistics doesn’t go unnoticed.

To our customers that gave us a chance and believed in us since day 1, we wouldn’t be here without your continued support and shipments. We strive to provide the best 3PL service possible because of you guys. It is our goal to make shipping simple for all of our customers.

Last but not least, we are thankful for our employees, both past and present. You have made Becker Logistics what it is today and by believing in our future vision, you drive this business forward. The Becker employees bring their “A-game” each and every day and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the company.

We were also thrilled to have had the chance to host an in person anniversary party to the employees located in the Chicagoland area. For some employees, this was the first time they have been back to the office in a year so it was exciting to see them. The party included food, drink, a bags tournament, and raffle.

What’s Next? 

We’re finally past 2020, the year that broke a lot of companies, and still pressing on to our future goals. We’ve been looking into several avenues of opportunity over the past couple of months. We have a lot of projects currently in the works and we can’t wait to show them. Our values always remain the same, but we’re adapting to everything happening around us in order to grow into the best 3PL company you could possibly imagine. When the consumer needs change and the world drastically shifts, Becker Logistics adapts. 

Reach out to the Becker Logistics team today to learn about all the services we offer and how we can help you with your transportation needs. Additionally, you can click here to request a quote.

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