Becker Logistics’ Quarter 2 Donation

                At the beginning of 2021, Becker made a promise to donate $1 for every load that is moved to help fight homelessness in the community. In quarter one we were able to raise over $14,000 for Baker Memorial Church in St. Charles, IL. This quarter we are happy to announce that Becker Logistics was able to raise over $17,000 for this cause.

                Becker Logistics and our social outreach program, Humanity for the Homeless, are thrilled to know that our donations are going to Baker Memorial Church in St. Charles. Pastor Kim Neace and the entire community comes together daily to provide and support the homelessness population. Our quarterly donations are going to terrific programs that keep people fed and supported. The Baker Memorial Church provides Northern Illinois Food Bank volunteer dates monthly. This is one big contribution the church provides for the community. It doesn’t stop with providing meals though, our donations also provide support in the form of clothing and financial assistance. Financial assistance can help families pay bills and keep a roof over their head. The possibilities are endless when the community comes together to work towards a common goal.

                This quarter, Becker Logistics worked with this donation in mind. We had a very lucrative quarter and were able to donate even more than we could in quarter 1. With this donation of over $17,000, Baker Memorial Church is looking forward to growing their outreach and community support. Pastor Kim Neace and her Finance Manager, Judy Schlarb, are excited to help more and more people that are experiencing homelessness. Not only would they like to help those in need, but they would also like to see them come out of homelessness in a productive environment. Their goals are to help those in need sustain a quality life, by helping people get shelter, employment and clothing. For example, an individual in their community is working towards finding a place to work, but they did not have a form of transportation. With the help of Becker Logistics donations, Baker Memorial Church is able to help this individual by purchasing them a bike. Another way Baker Memorial Church is helping the community is by purchasing mattresses for those who need them. As you can see, this is not just a surface level support arrangement. Baker Memorial Church gets to know individuals on a personal level to identify unique needs in the community.

                Becker Logistics is thrilled to see where or donations are going. We are proud to partner with the Baker Memorial Church in St. Charles to combat the nation-wide crisis of homelessness. If you’d like to show your support or help the Baker Memorial Church please feel free to reach out to us or Pastor Kim Neace.

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