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When is an Expedited Freight Service Worth Using?

What is Expedited Shipping? Expedited shipping is shipping that arrived more quickly than the standard time and usually costs a bit extra because of that, but is expedited freight service worth it? It all depends on the situation that the shipper finds themselves in, but there are certain times where it is worth paying a

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Freight Management Services and Becker Logistics Approach

Let’s start off by defining freight management; it is the process of preparing, storing, and moving freight.  Freight management services are what third-party logistics companies specialize in. They are able to apply their expertise and technology to allow for efficiencies and cost savings for their partners.  Furthermore, the best logistics companies are able to completely

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The 4 Main Benefits of 3PL Partnerships

There are countless benefits of 3PL collaborations. Building a partnership with a 3PL can help improve your business in numerous ways.  This blog post is going to cover the four main advantages of using a 3PL provider. These are access to their carrier network, using their technology to your advantage, applying their expertise and freeing

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What is Consolidated Shipping and How Can it Benefit You?

Consolidated shipping is when multiple LTL shipments are combined together and shipped in the same trailer. Once the shipment arrives it gets broken down into several individual LTL shipments. These shipments are then loaded onto new trucks and sent out to their final destinations. Consolidated shipments can be made up of the freight from multiple

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Choosing the right 3PL for Auto Parts Shipping

The automotive industry moves fast; everything is always moving along the assembly line and any hiccup can result in a massive loss of revenue.  In order to prevent any slowdowns or stops in the assembly line, it is important to partner with a dependable 3PL for auto parts.  A reliable auto parts logistics company should

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