The Impact and Importance of Reefer Shipping Cover Photo

The Impact and Importance of Reefer Shipping

Reefer shipping, or refrigerated shipping, is used to keep the shipped freight at a certain temperature or humidity. It is commonly used to ship food and beverage, but not exclusively. Reefer shipping works by attaching an AC unit to the trailer which is powered by the truck. This AC unit is able to keep the

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Ensuring Proper Food-Grade Shipping Cover Photo

Ensuring Proper Food-Grade Shipping

In order to ensure that food-grade shipping is handled correctly, there are plenty of rules and guidelines to consider. These rules apply for shipping all food, not just shipping refrigerated food, and they are in place to ensure food safety (which you can read more about here). There are three main factors to consider if you

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How Establishing an EDI results in Low Cost Freight Shipping

There are many benefits to having an EDI setup between a shipping and logistics company and most of them will result in a lower cost of freight shipping. These savings are a result of the entire process becoming easier and taking less time. We all know that our most valuable asset is time; it cannot

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November Transportation News Update

Trade Battles with China Could Damage 1.47 Million U.S. Jobs There is more than $186 billion in U.S. economic activity being threatened due to the tariffs against China and the ones imposed on the U.S. by Beijing. When it comes down to it, there are going to be less jobs when there is less cargo.

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October Transportation News Update

Advising Truckers To Watch For Spotted Lanternfly The spotted lanternfly is an invasive insect from China threatening billions of dollars in crop losses. The insect was first spotted in Pennsylvania and has spread to New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia. The bug feeds off of 70 different kinds of trees and plants, such as crops

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