Becker Logistics expansion into Brookfield

Challenges Faced and the Opening of Our Brookfield, WI Office

Since the start of this year Becker Logistics has opened 4 new locations and this has come with plenty of challenges along the way. We’ve had to change office locations, frantically search for more people, and decide on different regions altogether. These struggles all had different levels of impact and required in some cases entire teams to solve. However, in the end, through these challenges we have been able to find success. We did hit the goal that we set out for late last year and it has brought our teams together and has even made a couple of new teams.

All of this work has been to make sure that the growth and future of Becker Logistics stays on track while maintaining the company vision. The third office that was opened this year was our Brookfield, WI office. This location was chosen because of the amount of talent in the area and our ties to the area. The office recently opened in April and we already have some great people staffing the office. We believe that with the people we have and the potential hires we are looking at that the Brookfield Wisconsin office will be a huge success.

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