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Choosing the right 3PL for Auto Parts Shipping

The automotive industry moves fast; everything is always moving along the assembly line and any hiccup can result in a massive loss of revenue.  In order to prevent any slowdowns or stops in the assembly line, it is important to partner with a dependable 3PL for auto parts.  A reliable auto parts logistics company should be flexible and have great communication. Furthermore, and most importantly, they need to make sure that all pickups and deliveries are made on time.  These factors are central in all logistics but carry additional significance in the shipping of auto parts. Choosing a 3PL for auto parts shipping is a vital aspect for automotive companies due to the role they play in the supply chain.

On-time Pickup and Delivery from 3PL for Auto Parts

The most important aspect of auto parts shipping is making sure everything arrives on-time. Much of the auto industry operates on just-in-time manufacturing. As a result, if an order does not arrive on time the shipper has nothing to do but wait. A reliable 3PL partner should be able to show their on-time percentages. The target goals can be discussed in regular meetings with the 3PL.  That’s also an opportunity to go over other important KPI’s and find ways for improvements on both ends. Additionally, having a trusted expedited carrier network can come in handy when an order needs to be delivered ASAP.  Many times things do not go as planned and the shipper needs to find an auto parts logistics company that can get their freight to its destination immediately.  In these cases having a wide array of carriers to choose from is vital to provide on-time shipping.

Need for flexibility from an auto parts logistics company

A trusted and reliable auto parts logistics company should adjust to the needs of the shipper and be able to act in a timely matter.  Doing so allows the 3PL to stay ahead of the issues and resolve them before they make an impact on the shipment. An example of this would be reaching out to a driver that is running behind schedule and making sure that they are able to arrive at the plant on time. This flexibility and insight comes from experience in the industry and is one of the main benefits of working with a 3PL for auto parts.

Assembly line and 3PL for Auto Parts impact

Communications Impact on Shipping Auto Parts Successfully

Additionally, communication is vital from an auto parts logistics company. The previous example gave a case where the driver was running late and how the 3PL worked with them to ensure on-time delivery, but what if they cannot?  In those cases, it is important that the 3PL relays that information on.  This allows the shipper to make any needed adjustments on their end. An important part of communication is having the technology in place so the shipper receives updates when they want them. For example, with tracking and tracing in place the shipper can check the status of their shipment whenever they want. However, it’s still important that they can reach out to the 3PL with any questions at any time.

Finding the right 3PL for auto parts can be a long process but it is worth the process.  A trusted auto parts logistics company will have a large impact on the supply chain and should be flexible. Additionally, they should have open lines communication and hit their on-time goals. If you want to work with Becker Logistics to ship auto parts you can read more about our offerings here. Additionally, you can request a quote and start shipping immediately.

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