Fulfilling Our 2021 Social Promise with Humanity for the Homeless

In early February of 2022 Becker Logistics, through our Humanity for the Homeless project, donated $17,475 to the Baker Memorial United Methodist Church in St. Charles, IL. This donation was the fulfillment of our fourth quarter 2021 social promise. Throughout all of 2021, Becker Logistics made a promise to donate $1 for every load that we shipped. This money went to help the homeless in and around our community.

By partnering with Humanity for the Homeless and the Baker Memorial United Methodist Church we have been able to make a tremendous impact. We have seen people take back control of their lives, regain their voices and empower themselves. We talked to several individuals over the course of 2021 that have benefited from our donations and they now have places to call home, thriving careers, or, at the very least, a place to sleep on a cold night.

In total, we were able to donate $68,090. Everyone here at Becker Logistics, along with our partners, is thrilled to have made such an impact. This promise is regularly brought up amongst the Becker Logistics team and provides a great purpose to each individual. Knowing that each load you work on is helping to feed and house someone less fortunate provides a great “why” throughout the day.

This social promise came to be when Becker Logistics founder and CEO, Jim Becker, got talking to some of the individuals at the Baker Memorial United Methodist Church. The amount of work and dedication that the team at the church was putting in every day was inspiring. The love and care that was being expressed for each individual is what inspired this whole mission. Jim knew he wanted to make an impact which resulted in the Humanity for the Homeless and Becker Logistics social promise.

The past couple of years has been incredibly impactful on the homeless community. COVID has shut down many public services and areas that they relied on. No longer could a homeless person stop at a library, public building, or even some shelters. Luckily, there have been people out there working to make a difference and ensure that the voices of the homeless were heard. The team at Baker Memorial United Methodist Church has been able to provide a great impact on those they touch. The Becker Logistics social promise will continue on into 2022 for another non-profit charity in our community and we will continue to donate $1 for every shipment that we move. We will have more updates on the project as we finish our first quarter and get ready to make our first donation. If you want to stay up to date with Becker Logistics and our social promise then you can follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter. Additionally, you can click here to view our contact details and reach out.

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