How a 3PL can Lower Your Power Only Trucking Rates

Working with a third-party logistics company provides a number of benefits, one of which is a reduction in power only trucking rates being paid. With so many methods available for transporting freight from A to B, selecting which is best for your business is not always an easy task. Shipping can be costly and could require a large investment of time and money. One of the best ways to cut transportation costs is getting low freight rates on a regular basis. Outsourcing transportation to a 3PL can help companies in many ways and help get you the best rates, especially for power only shipping.  

We offer you a reminder of what power only shipping is that will help you better understand the benefits of lower trucking rates. 

What is Power Only Shipping? 

Power only shipping is a solution that occurs when a carrier provides only a driver and a tractor. In power only, the driver does not bring a trailer, but instead, they hook up to and haul a trailer that is either leased or owned by the shipper. This type of shipping is more useful locally so that drivers can return to where they are based more easily. By decoupling the carrier and the trailer, 3PLs can create extremely flexible truckload capacity solutions, whether they’re leasing trailers on the shipper’s behalf, or moving the shipper’s owned equipment. 

The Advantage of a 3PL 

An experienced third-party logistics provider has a wide network of carriers and freight brokers with reliable and trusted relationships. With the provided experience, 3PLs can negotiate inclusive trucking rates for power only shipping. 3PLs impart flexibility when they lease trailers in accordance with the required capacity of the shippers. A 3PL can easily scale back and end a trailer lease when the demand decreases, or a project ends for power only truckers. Scalability and reliability are possible with a 3PL. The fluctuation of seasons or demand would no longer negatively impact the rates for power only shipping, as they often do with other modes of transportation. A 3PL has buyer power that can result in not only better rates but increased service provisions and other valuable options for the 3PL’s clients. 

Truck Trailers Impact Power Only Trucking Rates

Improve Power Only Trucking Rates

In many cases, power only trucking is a mode that can be used by shippers to save some money on freight rates. It is a major investment to buy many semi-trucks, while also hiring drivers. Instead, shippers can avoid those payments and use their money for other areas of their business. The negotiated rates open the doors for money to be saved and time saved for drivers because they will no longer have to wait around. In addition, the more convenient a power only load is for a driver, the more willing they would be to coordinate with 3PL companies and work at a more relaxed rate. Shippers do not have to worry about putting together a driver schedule and whether someone will be there when needed. It is convenient for shippers to simply put out a call for a tractor and driver and have the freight picked up.

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