How Establishing an EDI results in Low Cost Freight Shipping

There are many benefits to having an EDI setup between a shipping and logistics company and most of them will result in a lower cost of freight shipping. These savings are a result of the entire process becoming easier and taking less time. We all know that our most valuable asset is time; it cannot be replaced or given back. Becker Logistics values your time, as well as the time of our employees. Having an EDI setup can increase the load capacity vs. manually entering a load, which can take 15 – 20 minutes per load for you and the Becker associates that serves you. By using an EDI, an order can be accepted and created in less than a minute, saving both parties time, improving accuracy and increasing productivity performance.  It is these time-saving impacts and performance boosts that results in low cost freight shipping for you and your team.

Additionally, setting up an EDI with Becker Logistics results in fewer errors since it removes the need to manually enter in data. When not using EDI, there are risks involved with manually entering the information. As an example, if you were to ship 80 loads a day x 20 minutes to enter each load x 10% chance of discrepancies, we can see just how much time can be lost through manual entry and the true value of our time every day. By using EDI for your supply chain, we can guarantee you will save time on every load, greatly lower the opportunity of discrepancies by providing a higher quality of service and ensure on-time delivery each and every time.

Transparency in your cost of freight shipping

With the Becker Logistics EDI, we do not just offer low cost freight shipping, we show you where the pricing is coming from.  This is because we want you to have the knowledge and data to succeed no matter who you are partnering with for your transportation solutions.  Transparent pricing is important in the supply chain since there are so many moving parts and it is easy to lose track of what is impacting what.  That is why we are always pushing for you to know what is making up your pricing.

Becker employee setting up an EDI to ensure Low Cost Freight Shipping

How to set up an EDI with Becker Logistics

  • First, fill out and submit the EDI form which can be found on our EDI page.
  • After the form is submitted we create a connection with your EDI contact, whether they be internal or external.
  • Next, we configure the connection and settings to make sure that data is flowing on both sides.
  • Once data is being transmitted we do a series of testing to ensure that the data is coming through correctly as it should.
  • Lastly, if the testing goes successfully we set a go live date and then launch the connection!

Setting up an EDI can be a daunting task but we are here to help! If you have any additional questions feel free to reach out by either emailing or calling at 630.529.0700.

With the transportation industry evolving, Becker Logistics is always thinking ahead and keeping you, our customer, in the loop. We strive to offer low cost freight shipping that is high quality and transparent.  We are a forward-moving company and are constantly searching for the most up-to-date technology and analytics. We invite you to become an EDI customer with us and implement EDI as a standard and easy-to-use solution for your business. Or, if you are unfamiliar with Becker Logistics then you can reach out to an associate and get a quote on a shipment.

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