How Flexibility Leads to the Best 3PL Shipping Experience

In order to offer the best 3PL shipping experience, or even a good one, you have to have flexibility. A successful 3PL cannot be run rigidly that sticks to a set schedule without budging an inch. The supply chain is full of chaos in indetermination, things are always changing. Because of this, if you want be successful, you have to be flexible. 

This means being able to change things at the last minute to help out a customer or carrier. It also means being able to go from working on a cross-country van load to an expedited local reefer without losing a beat. Flexibility in 3PL shipping is doing whatever it takes to provide the best shipping experience for your customer. 

Flexibility provides the best 3PL shipping experience by improving customer relations, continuously implementing improved processes, offering a wider array of services. 

Operations Team Offering the Best 3PL Shipping Experience

The 3 Ways Flexibility Leads to the Best 3PL Shipping Experience 

Improving customer relations 

Customer relations are key in shipping and logistics. To provide the best 3PL shipping experience you need great customer relations. Flexibility is able to improve customer relations in a couple of important ways. The first being, the 3PL can adapt to the changing needs of the shipper. As a customer changes so does their shipping needs. To provide the best experience the partnered 3PL must adapt to what is needed. 

Another key area in that flexibility improves customer relations is being able to pick up dropped loads. Most shippers do not rely on one 3PL for all of their shipping. They will have a blend of different options available to them. When one of these options fails it is always great when their partnered 3PL can pick up the pieces and complete the shipping process. 

Implementing improved processes 

Flexibility isn’t ONLY about the customer, it also provides internal benefits as well. By maintaining flexibility a 3PL can be consistently implementing new and improved processes. It was said before but bears repeating, things are always changing in shipping and logistics. In order to provide the best 3PL shipping experience, you have to be able to change with them. 

Most of these new processes are a result of innovation or new technology. Being able to adapt to these new things means you can offer the services quicker and more efficiently. 

Wider array of services 

While it’s great for a 3PL to really corner in on a particular niche and know it inside and out, at some point they are going to have to expand. In order to expand, new industries and new services need to be offered. So, when offering the best 3PL shipping experience a company will naturally grow to offer these services. 

Flexibility impacts this on a team-wide scale. The operations team needs to have the flexibility, processes, and knowledge to successfully bounce back and forth between different modes and industries. This goes beyond helping any one customer but allows them to offer a greater overall service. 

How Becker Logistics Focuses on Flexibility 

At Becker Logistics we aim to offer the best 3PL shipping experience every day. And for us, flexibility plays a huge role. We have regular continued education to train on new processes and technology so that we know them inside and out. Additionally, our team is dedicated to making sure that our customers’ needs are met, making sure that no freight gets left behind. 

If you want to see if Becker Logistics is the 3PL for you then you can reach out to us by contacting us here. Additionally, you can click here and request a quote immediately. 

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