How Food Logistics Services are Improved by Reliability Cover Photo

How Food Logistics Services are Improved by Reliability

There are countless issues and difficulties that can arise in food logistics services.  Food as freight is very fragile and needs to be held to very high standards. Entire shipments can be lost due to a variety of small oversights. This can be from the trailer being a couple of degrees too hot to some dirt finding its way in. Shippers depend on finding partners that can offer a consistent and reliable shipping service. This is to prevent spoilage and shipments from being lost.  The three main issues that reliability can solve in food shipping are the fragility of food freight, the fluctuating market of food shipping, and the capacity of good trucks.

The Fragility of Food Freight

As mentioned before, food is very fragile.  This is even more apparent when you compare it to other freight shipped such as steel, paper, or plastic. Plenty of materials can sit in a trailer or warehouse while waiting to be picked up. This however, is not the case with food shipments which can easily spoil after being left out too long. Additionally, extra precautions need to be taken while loading and unloading so that nothing gets crushed.

Fragile Food Freight handled by Food Logistics Services

Reliability plays into this issue because the transportation provider needs to follow through on their agreements. A reliable transportation provider knows how to work with carriers to make sure that each step is executed perfectly. When their promise is fulfilled and the transportation provider is reliable, the fragility of food freight is no longer an issue that has to be dealt with.

Fluctuating Market of Food Logistics Services

The demand for food logistics services is always fluctuating and changing due to many factors. Most factors can be accounted for and planned for. When you partner with a reliable transportation provider you can trust them to find the best deal for you.

Fluctuating markets can also be worked around by developing a contracted lane so that you already have set rates. Doing so means that even if the demand and price skyrocket you are still able to pay a negotiated rate.

Another impact on the market is regulation which is very big in food logistics services. This is mostly because there is a lot that can go wrong that would result in spoiled food being sold. Because of this, there are several laws and mandates in place to makes sure that food stays fresh while it is being shipped. For more information on food safety in shipping, you can check out one of our previous blogs covering the topic.

A Need for the Right Trucks

Plenty of trucking companies claim that they can ship food but only a fraction can do it well.  The benefit of partnering with a 3PL is that they know which trucking company can ship the food freight that you need to be shipped. However, reliability plays into this because many times it’s cheaper to go with an untested carrier.  When you partner with a 3PL with reliability you know that they care about making sure your freight arrives in the right condition. This means deliveries on-time, in a clean container, and undamaged.

Additionally, by partnering with a 3PL with reliability you know that any issues that do arise will be brought up early and can be worked through.

At Becker Logistics, we strive for reliability and it is commonly used to describe our services by some of our top customers. If you want to see how a reliable shipping ser5vice can help you and your freight request a quote or reach out directly.

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