How to Keep Your Flatbed Shipping Rates Low 

Flatbed shipping is a popular mode of transportation that is beneficial to the logistics industry. It’s natural to want the ideal way of transporting your products but doing it in the most inexpensive way also is a top priority. Many companies have to deal with several factors that play into effect the costs of shipping. Said factors can include supply and demand, distance traveled, freight proportionality and the transportation effort itself. Having some control over these costs can make a big difference for your business and the supply chain’s efficiency. Lowering flatbed shipping costs can only be possible when you understand what can impact pricing. Here are a few ways to consider while you aim to cut costs on your shipping needs. 

Coordinating Low Rates Through Partnerships 

The first tip to share is that you must keep relationships stronger than ever. The logistics industry relies on the various relationships built over the years. Relationship building enables trust and cooperation when it comes to dealing with the sometimes-overwhelming task of shipping. The development of relations with each party that is involved can allow for a better journey altogether. Partnering with a third-party logistics (3PL) company comes with its immense benefits. Rather than having to manage multiple parties, you can undoubtedly handle maintaining a good relationship with one reliable 3PL. And in turn, the 3PL will do its job in dealing with all other carriers and such. Then leveraging those relationships can help attain attractive rates for your flatbed shipping requirements. 

Planning Shipping Via Flatbeds 

Once you have good carrier partners or a 3PL partner in your corner, you should allow them to make the proper arrangements. And such arrangements require time and a healthy amount of effort. In addition, you can save money when you provide extra time for shipping. More time allocated can lead to better high-quality shipping options. Therefore, this extra time can be made by lengthening pick up and drop off date windows. A wider pool of truck options will be available that can provide pricing cuts. Flexibility is what partners can work with when trying to keep prices at a minimum. 

Flatbed Shipping Analytics 

Finally, flatbed shipping requires accurate data, which can be provided by tracking KPI’s. Keeping shipping rates down can be possible by reviewing the various KPI measurements. It’s worth measuring the performance of on-time shipping, order and shipping accuracy, fulfillments, inbound receiving times, per unit costs and many more. Make sure you are communicating with the parties involved about your findings and your expectations. Hold them accountable to provide you with the intended service at reasonable rates. You can count on technology to optimize your flatbed operations. And through optimization you can find ways to reduce unnecessary costs that have added up in the past. 

We at Becker Logistics are dedicated to ensuring all our customers receive reliable shipping at a rate that works for them. We take responsibility for each load and make sure to keep you up to date to maintain the utmost transparency. If you would like to see how Becker Logistics can help you with flatbed freight shipping or any other mode feel free to reach out to us or request a quote directly. 

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