How to Provide the Best Food Shipping Service

If you are offering a food shipping service then it deserves to be the absolute best it can be. There are processes that need to be in place to guarantee that each order is handled with care. This allows you, as the 3PL, to be quick and flexible without losing quality. At Becker Logistics, we use a simple process to bring each food shipment to completion.

The Food Shipping Service Cycle

The purpose of the food shipping cycle is to ensure each load is shipped with quality. Each step has a series of sub-steps and quality checks, but let’s keep it simple for now.

  1. Receive load from shipper and gather all needed information.
  2. Review the quote and find the partnered carrier to make the delivery.
  3. Monitor the shipment progress, provide updates, and ensure quality.
  4. Review the shipment and find improvements for future orders.

While the process seems simple it takes a lot to fulfill each step correctly. This cycle only works when everything and everyone is in sync and the services being provided are the best. To provide the best food shipping service a 3PL needs to have the ability to manage shifts in demand, offer consistent quality, have up-to-date technology, and partner with the right carriers.

Food Shipping Service Cycle

Manage Fluctuations and Changes in the Supply Chain

Without the ability to manage demand fluctuations the entire food shipping service cycle falls apart. This is especially important in step two when you are reviewing the details and finding the best carrier for the order. This is a step that can take hours if you let it. However, with a well-trained team, you will be able to push through the processes with no bottlenecks.

Consistent Quality on Each Load

Anybody can provide one good shipment. However, it takes experience and expertise to provide the best food shipping service consistently. This is partially due to the fact that it is up to the shipper to determine what is considered a ‘good’ shipment. What’s right for one shipper will not be right for another. This is why step 4 is so important, reviewing the shipment and finding improvements for future orders.

Use of Track and Trace Technology

Offering tracking and trace on shipments is vital to providing the best food shipping service. So much so that it pretty much makes up step 3 on the food shipping service cycle. Because food can spoil so easily, it is important for the shipper to know where their shipment is and when it should arrive.

Partnered With the Right Carriers.

Being partnered with the right carriers greatly impacts steps 2 and 3 in the food shipping service cycle. First, is when you’re looking for the right shipper for a certain load. This is impacted mostly by the number of carriers you are partnered with. More carriers mean there’s more of a chance of one looking exactly for the kind of shipment you have.

Second, there’s ensuring the quality of the shipment. This is where partnering with quality over quantity will come into play. Food shipping has very high standards, anything out of line could cause delays, dropped loads, or even the loss of a customer. So, make sure you ensure quality by partnering with the right carriers.

How Becker Logistics Offers an Exceptional Food Shipping Service

At Becker Logistics we make sure that every step, every process, and every detail is completed on each load. We do this because we know the importance of quality. It is our goal to make shipping simple and nothing is simpler than a shipment with no hiccups and no mistakes.

If you want to see if Becker Logistics is the right shipping partner for you then feel free to reach out to us. Additionally, you can get started today by requesting a quote.

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