Impacts of 3PL Freight Software and Technology 

Freight software and technology have a great big impact on how the supply chain of your company can be more manageable. Third-party logistics (3PL) providers invest in the latest software so that you don’t have to. You can expect to find a 3PL that keeps up with cutting-edge technologies to help improve your operations in several ways.  

Modern 3PLs have evolved their services and incorporated technology to keep up with consumer demand. Here are a few impacts of 3PL freight software and technology to consider:  

Customization Through Freight Software 

First, transportation management has grown from being simple warehousing companies to specialized technology and asset based because of 3PLs. Transporting freight requires sophisticated software now more than ever because of industry requirements. Next, by working with a 3PL, you can easily customize your operational needs. 3PL providers have experienced professionals that can leverage practical solutions to enhance your company’s capabilities. Again, manual labor can be eliminated by the innovative freight software and technology that is offered through a 3PL. There are customized processes that can be automated for better efficiency. Third party logistic companies that have innovative software and technology can customize your operations without exhausting labor, time, and warehouse facilities. 

3PL Handling Inventory and Fulfillment  

A wide concern for some is the time spent on the process of inventory management and fulfillment. However, 3PL freight technology can optimize inventory across multiple fulfillment sources that saves you time on planning. You can have a competitive advantage in the marketplace with better technology. And better technology is found through a 3PL organization that values customer satisfaction. 

In addition, having enough supply means that inventory and fulfillment is meeting the required demand. Customer service is essential to running a successful freight business. You can feel confident in providing answers to any customer concerns with all the information that you have access to because of a freight technology-focused 3PL. The information would be current, precise, and transparent for each party involved. A 3PL company that uses quality technology enables you to improve time spent in planning, optimize inventory across multiple fulfillment sources, efficiently manage backorders and returns/exchanges, offer a variety of shipping options, ensure cost-effectiveness, and provide seamless service. 

Future Freight Transportation Resolve 

Furthermore, companies have found that 3PLs provide analytical data that can justify future plans. They can allow you to predict what the changing supply chain needs to continue going forward. The technology takes data from what has worked and what has not and anticipates how to provide better service. This said data gives insights into how and where your freight should be shipped.  Therefore, you then have concrete evidence of how you can have a more effective supply chain. The software used by 3PLs gives real-time updates on a dashboard and coordinates progress. You can prevent late deliveries, discover the fastest routes, and uphold cost-effectiveness.  

At Becker Logistics, we value technological updates to provide the absolute best solutions and services to our partners. We constantly strive to become orderly and advanced in comparison to others in the industry.  Reach out or request a quote to see how we can help you and your supply chain. 

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