Need for Great Customer Service in 3pl Order Fulfillment

Consistent 3PL order fulfillment requires great customer service. As the 3PL, you must be able to meet every need of the customer until the order is completed. As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, there are 7 steps that an order goes through. Starting off with placing the order, scheduling, dispatching the carrier, loading, transit, delivery, and finally, billing. As the 3PL navigates through these steps they must make sure that customer service is never forgotten. Customer service is needed in 3pl order fulfillment to build trust, keep communication open, and go the extra mile. 

Building Trust 

Trust is essential in 3PL order fulfillment, without it the process can’t even get started. The shipper is entrusting the 3PL to ship literally tonnes of their product. They need to know that it is being handled with care and that it will arrive on time. 

Great customer service helps build trust over time. After enough positive experiences, the shipper will see that the 3PL knows what they are doing. They’ll see that when the freight is handed over it will all go smoothly. And, if there are any hiccups, they’ll be contacted immediately. 

Using Trust and Communication to Ensure 3pl Order Fulfillment
Keeping Open Communication 

It’s very hard, if not impossible, to have great customer service without communication in some way. Throughout the 3PL order fulfillment processes there is plenty of information that must be conveyed. This can be anything from automated track and trace updates to personal confirmation that a load has been delivered. 

Communication is also crucial outside of the delivery processes. It’s important for the 3PL account manager to reach out to the shipper on a regular basis to figure out ways to improve our processes, go over KPIs, or see if there are any open loads. Doing these lets the shipper know that their 3PL partner is looking out for them. 

Go the Extra Mile 

The drive to go the extra mile is what separates good customer service from great customer service. When an associate goes above and beyond to really make sure that you receive the best service is something we all strive to achieve and all hope to experience. This level of service is needed to ensure your order fulfillment from a 3PL is as smooth and easy as possible. 

There are always things that go wrong, and being able to buckle up and get things done in a time of crisis is very valuable in a shipping partner. 

Finding a Shipping Provider for Your 3pl Order Fulfillment Needs 

Now that we know the importance of customer service and how it impacts a 3PL’s order fulfillment, how can a shipper find a 3PL that fits their needs? I mean, anyone can just go out there and claim that they have great customer service. 

Ultimately, it is up to the shipper to do their research, look around online, reach out and ask questions. Also, take a look at past work and how long they have been in business. Lastly, if the shipper is not 100% confident with their decision, they could have their choice 3PL try some smaller spot quotes before officially partnering with them. 

At Becker Logistics, customer service is our focus. We aim to provide the best service possible to our partners and make shipping a simple process for them. If you want to see if Becker Logistics is the right fit for you then feel free to reach out or request a quote and get started today! 

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