September Transportation News Update Cover Photo

September Transportation News Update

Trade Talks in October: US vs. China

New tariffs were placed on September 5, 2019. Following this, both sides were trying to agree on a time to schedule the talks and were not coming to an agreement. According to China’s Commerce Ministry, their talks are taking place in early October. To read more about the tariff talks, click here.

Traffic Increasing Due to Good Economy

According to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, traffic is continuing to worsen as the economy is remaining strong. This is a huge problem for commuters as well as manufacturers and shippers. The cost of operating in congested conditions is skyrocketing. There is a look at this from both sides because as the good economy is causing an increase in traffic, it is also increasing business for the transportation industry because there is more of a demand for their services. To read more about the traffic increase, click here.

August Truckload Volume Suggests Opposite of Freight Recession

There have been more truckload shipments on the road in August than in any other month all year. Summer truckload demands and rushing to move freight before Hurricane Dorian has been huge factors in this. Despite stronger volumes, prices have not seen an upward spike yet. Regardless of this, truckload capacity is still in high demand and prices are looking to be on the rise. To read more about August truckload volume, click here.

August Truck Tonnage Rises to 4.1%

The seasonally adjusted truck tonnage rose 4.1% in August. This is a good sign for the industry and economy, but there is still a concern that freight tonnage will slow in the coming months. Tonnage also surged in July but fell significantly in May and June. Month to month tonnage has been a roller coaster, but when looking at it as a whole it still has an upward path. To learn more about the tonnage rise, click here.

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