Our Purpose and Role as a Third Party Logistics Company

The purpose statement of Becker Logistics is to support the supply chain with purpose and integrity.

We define this by supporting our customers and carriers, even in unknown times, in an effort to keep the supply chain continuously moving. Through our dedication to ensuring our contributions are impactful to the operations of our partners, we lead the industry by following through on all of our promises.

By applying our purpose to every shipment we, in turn, fulfill on our 8 Corporate Values:

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Safety
  • Competitiveness
  • Openness
  • Respect
  • Equal work/Life balance

Just like a trucker drives freight, our values are driving our purpose and promises, the promises that we make to our employees, carriers, and customers each and every day. They are undoubtedly important and instilled in every Becker employee, who are encouraged to take a stand for our customers and work with them through any problems or issues they experience.

But it’s not just the employees who practice the values; we start at the top with our CEO who expresses these values downward through every facet of the business. As an organization that carries great pride in every value and promise, we ensure each contribution is impactful to our team, especially when supporting our customers.

The components of the supply chain

At Becker Logistics, we play a role in every stage of the supply chain for many of our customers. There are four main components of the supply chain, interconnected by a broad definition of “transportation”.  Those four components are:

  1. The Supplier
  2. The Manufacturer
  3. The Distributor
  4. The Final Consumer

These 4 components play a pivotal role in our day to day lives, with each one unable to operate without shipping and transportation.

3PL role on Supply Chain

The Role That a Third Party Logistics Company has on the Supplier

The supplier creates or gathers the raw material, which is then used to make the final product.  In most cases, there are multiple suppliers who provide materials that go into one final product. While this stage could take multiple steps to complete, 3PLs are able to hold them all together. This result is a material that’s ready to be passed on to the manufacturer.

The Impact a 3PL has with the Manufacturer

The manufacturer produces the product which is eventually purchased by the end consumer. 3PLs have a huge impact on this stage since there are shipments coming in and going out. The impact can further be multiplied based on how operations are run. For example, if the manufacturer operates on a JIT system, then the transportation aspect must be running efficiently for production to go smoothly.

The Role a Third Party Logistics Company has with the Distributor

The distributor temporarily houses the product so that it can be sent out to nearby stores or the end consumer when it is demanded. 3PLs are used heavily in this stage as there is a lot of movement with a lot of product being shipped in and out.

A 3PL’s Role with the End Consumer

The final destination in the supply chain is the end consumer. The product is either shipped directly to them or a retailer where the consumer then purchases it. Lately, 3PLs have had a growing impact on this stage due to the rise in online shipping resulting in last-mile services being offered.

In Conclusion

The supply chain is an ever-moving and ever-evolving process that literally connects the world, allowing the world as we know it now to exist. It is our purpose as an organization to assist this process by offering a quality shipping service and a promise to deliver with purpose every time.

If you would like to work with Becker Logistics, you can request a quote or contact us directly.

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