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The Particulars of Alcohol Logistics

Alcohol logistics and shipping is rather unique compared to typical beverage shipping although it does share some similarities.  There are many additional rules in place and permits that are needed when shipping alcohol.  The similarities between alcohol logistics and beverage logistics are due to the fact that they are both liquids and, for the most

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The Impact and Importance of Reefer Shipping

Reefer shipping, or refrigerated shipping, is used to keep the shipped freight at a certain temperature or humidity. It is commonly used to ship food and beverage, but not exclusively. Reefer shipping works by attaching an AC unit to the trailer which is powered by the truck. This AC unit is able to keep the

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Ensuring Proper Food-Grade Shipping

In order to ensure that food-grade shipping is handled correctly, there are plenty of rules and guidelines to consider. These rules apply for shipping all food, not just shipping refrigerated food, and they are in place to ensure food safety (which you can read more about here). There are three main factors to consider if you

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Becker Logistics Hosts Carrier Appreciation Event

On December 6th, we had to pleasure of hosting an event at our corporate office in Glendale Heights to appreciate and get to know our carriers more. The night started at 5pm with some introductions, drinks, ping pong and pizza. After everyone was settled, Becker Logistics CEO and founder, Jim Becker gave a brief introduction

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