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Choosing the right 3PL for Auto Parts Shipping

The automotive industry moves fast; everything is always moving along the assembly line and any hiccup can result in a massive loss of revenue.  In order to prevent any slowdowns or stops in the assembly line, it is important to partner with a dependable 3PL for auto parts.  A reliable auto parts logistics company should

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Becker Logistics Blog - Transparency in Business

Transparency in Business

There are few feelings worse than the frustration associated with knowing that someone isn’t telling you something. Within the logistics industry, and particularly for third-party logistics companies, acting as the in-between requires a great deal of transparency to promote consistent communication and to ensure that all information that is necessary is provided. At Becker Logistics,

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Becker Logistics Blog cover photo - The Importance of Customer Service

The Importance of Customer Service

Customers are the backbone of most businesses. However, every single day in every business in America, customers are walking away. Companies spend a lot of time and money securing new customers but not as much effort is spent on retaining them. Keeping a customer needs to be a team effort with a great focus on

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