Our Purpose and Role as a Third Party Logistics Company

The purpose statement of Becker Logistics is to support the supply chain with purpose and integrity. We define this by supporting our customers and carriers, even in unknown times, in an effort to keep the supply chain continuously moving. Through our dedication to ensuring our contributions are impactful to the operations of our partners, we

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September Transportation News Update Cover Photo

September Transportation News Update

Trade Talks in October: US vs. China New tariffs were placed on September 5, 2019. Following this, both sides were trying to agree on a time to schedule the talks and were not coming to an agreement. According to China’s Commerce Ministry, their talks are taking place in early October. To read more about the

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Becker Logistics Blog - Transparency in Business

Transparency in Business

There are few feelings worse than the frustration associated with knowing that someone isn’t telling you something. Within the logistics industry, and particularly for third-party logistics companies, acting as the in-between requires a great deal of transparency to promote consistent communication and to ensure that all information that is necessary is provided. At Becker Logistics,

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