Toronto Office Opening Announcement Cover Image

The Future of Becker Logistics and the Opening of Our Toronto, ON Office

Today, May 16 2019, is Becker Logistics 22nd anniversary. Over the past 22 years Becker Logistics has gone through a lot of transformations and we have seen a lot. More importantly, we have learned a lot. When we look to the future, we are very optimistic. What started as a one man operation is now a multinational company with 9 offices and over 130 employees. In fact, we have recently brought on 17 summer interns; Becker Logistics did not even have 17 total employees until 2013. The future of Becker Logistics is bright and we have a lot of projects in development that we are looking forward to announcing.

The fourth and most recent office that Becker Logistics has opened is our Toronto, ON branch. The greater Toronto area is the highest populated area in Canada with some of the world’s most extensive shipping facilities which is what made it stand out as a potential location. We are extremely pleased that everything worked out in setting up this locations and we are looking forward to seeing what the office is able to accomplish and we are excited as a company for what this branch represents, our move into the international stage.

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