The Importance of a Renewable Plastics Supply Chain

Companies are under pressure more now than ever to focus on sustainability in the plastics supply chain. There are the aspects of environmental clean-up and social responsibilities that need to be integrated into operational usage. The plastics industry is unique in the fact that it is quite easy to ship. It’s a clean material, easy to move and load/unload, and the scheduling is typically consistent. With these benefits of using plastics for packaging, companies rely heavily on being able to use them in its supply chain. However, it’s important to find ways to recycle, reuse and diversify the use of plastics in the supply chain.

How To Be Sustainable

Sustainability is possible but requires a lot of cooperation from corporations who mostly value low costs with high returns. A shift in mindset is one way to get leaders to allow changes. Renewable energy and sustainability can come from cutting back on waste, limit carbon emissions and make working conditions clean and favorable. The issue is with wasting plastic packaging from the creators and the consumers. Furthermore, we need to prioritize how to make renewable plastics possible in the supply chain.

This is something to be worked with suppliers, technology supporters and renewable energy companies. Shipping and packaging use a large amount of plastic. Instead, we can reuse that plastic material for other purposes within the supply chain or otherwise. Being aware and doing something about the issue is one step closer to being socially responsible.

Why Is Renewable Plastic Use Important in the Supply Chain?

It’s no surprise that big companies have a larger effect on the environment. Supply chain management requires extensive energy sources, global transportation services and huge amounts of materials. The processes are timely, costly, and often wasteful but necessary for businesses. If these very companies take on the challenge to better their processes towards plastic usage, then the world can be in a better place.

The importance lies in new investments into the use of plastics. We need to commit to reducing the amount of plastic or invest in bio-based plastics that can be recycled. Biomaterials or other low-impact plastics in the market can increase initiatives within your own company to help the planet. In addition, it’s important to also invest in technology advancement. Solutions of repurposing plastic waste comes through technology. The possibilities are out there to create either new products or dispose plastic waste without hurting the overall landscape of Earth. Our supply chains use technology for many aspects of growth, handling plastics can only improve the systems in place.

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