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When is an Expedited Freight Service Worth Using?

What is Expedited Shipping?

Expedited shipping is shipping that arrived more quickly than the standard time and usually costs a bit extra because of that, but is expedited freight service worth it? It all depends on the situation that the shipper finds themselves in, but there are certain times where it is worth paying a little extra to get a needed shipment a day or two earlier.

How much time does expedited shipping save?

Hypothetically, expedited shipments can arrive as fast as you need them to (while still following speed limits and other regulations). There are carriers that will have two drivers just so that the truck never stops moving and truly does arrive as soon as possible. Usually, shippers will use expedited to shave one to two days off of the shipment.

When is it worth it for a shipper to use an expedited service?

There are many situations where it would be beneficial for the shipper to use expedited.  It all really depends on how much of a factor time is. Most of the time that expedited is used is because the shipper would end up losing more money to wait than the expedited shipment would cost. Below are three common scenarios where an expedited freight service is worth using.

Expedited freight service ready to ship

Scenario 1: Assembly Line Component Breaks and Production Halts.

This is a common scenario that we see at Becker Logistics where a key component of an assembly line breaks down and need to be replaced. In some situations, hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost while the line is down.  In a case like this, it is vital for the piece to arrive as soon as humanly possible and expedited shipping is certainly worth it.

Scenario 2: Emergency that Requires Tools/Supplies Immediately.

Another situation that calls for expedited shipping is during any sort of emergency or disaster situation.  This includes anything from a hospital that needs supplies to relief that needs to be delivered to a disaster area.  In cases like these, it is vital to get the freight as soon as possible so expedited shipping is the only way to go.

Scenario 3: Inventory Restock is Needed Immediately.

This situation happens in factories that work based on a just-in-time (JIT) model.  A JIT model is when the factory uses up the freight as it arrives so they do not have to worry about warehousing the raw material.  If a company doing this had a shipment fall through, an increase in production or some sort of oversight then expedited shipping will be needed to keep the production moving.

Conclusion on the worth of an expedited freight service.

There are many situations that call for expedited shipping, where the extra cost is absolutely worth receiving your freight a day or two early. However, you still want to make sure that you are partnering with a 3PL that has experience and expertise on the matter.  Becker Logistics is able to offer expedited shipping across multiple modes while making it easy for you. If you want to find out more information then click the button below and request a quote.

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