Why Innovation in Logistics is Important

Innovation in logistics means a whole lot of things. New inventions, new technology, new processes, and even new roads! Over the years there have been many innovative milestones, each one making the world more connected.  Everything from the invention of reefer trailers to the development and implementation of new systems like JIT shipping. There are always new ways to make the supply chain more efficient and effective.

There has always been a focus on innovation in logistics because of the impact it has on all businesses.  All goods depend on the supply chain in one way or another.  Also, oftentimes logistics and shipping are the bottlenecks in the entire operation. So, when some new innovation comes along to improve logistics there are multiple other processes that improve with it.

What is Innovation in Logistics

So, what exactly is innovation in logistics and the supply chain anyway? Is it just faster trucks? Trucks with better miles to the gallon? Not really, it’s actually much more than that. The trucks play an important step but there is a lot more to logistics than just the shipping.

One big innovation that has come up in recent years is the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a series of interconnected devices and processes transferring data back and forth without any interaction required. This helps logistics by improving visibility in almost every aspect which leads to better management overall.

Also, there is the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning which can lead to identifying trends much more accurately. Additionally, better AI leads to better efficiency which in the end leads to lower operational costs for the shipper.

Another big innovation in logistics has been using data to a much greater extent. There are always new innovative ways to use data in business. In logistics, it’s all about using it to find new insights that will help you and your partners along the way.

There are countless other examples of what innovation in logistics is, but what good does it do for the logistics company? Why does a random 3PL or shipping company need to worry about innovation? I mean, most of them have a system down that is working for them. Well, that brings us to the next point.

Innovation in logistics and shipping on the road

The Importance of Innovation for Logistics Companies

So, we covered some examples of innovation in logistics, now the big question is, “why?”

There are 3 main reasons that it is important for logistics companies to focus on innovation each and every day. You may have additional reasons that innovation is important to you and your company but these apply to everyone.

Differentiate Yourself

Having an innovative process or some new technology can really differentiate you from the competition and draw in new business. Also, it can be displayed in your advertising and marketing, getting your name out even further. You should also be using innovation to further exemplify the unique values that you are already offering. So, if you are known as the 3PL with the best service then you should be looking for ways to innovate on that.

Develop new Processes

A lot of innovation in logistics has to do with processes and operational improvements. The best innovations will not only make your operations run more effectively but also make your team happier. In the end, it is your team that is performing the actual processes.

Don’t want to be left behind

They say that if you’re not growing you’re dying. Well, if you are not innovating in logistics then you will soon be behind on your offerings. Your competition is out there finding better offerings and if you don’t start innovating then you’re going to have no value compared to the rest of the market. So, start looking for new innovative ideas now!

Innovation at Becker Logistics

Innovation is one of the core values of Becker Logistics. We are always looking for new ways to improve the quality of our service. This can be anything from new technologies to simply putting together a method to find the best truck available. To see if Becker Logistics is the right 3PL for you to partner with you can reach out to us here or request a quote.

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