Why You Need Great Refrigerated Trucking

Refrigerated Trucking is vital to the modern world. If it vanished overnight, we would lose access to all kinds of food, medicine, flowers, and much more. Because of its importance, it’s vital that shippers partner with the right companies when shipping temperature-sensitive goods. They need to be out there looking for the best logistics service you can. This means a company that has the expertise, technology, and people. These three factors together are what lead to successful shipping.

The Expertise

In the world of shipping and logistics, expertise results in great processes and flexibility. These are two things that are needed for great refrigerated trucking.

Processes are needed to ensure that the supply chain continues on, uninterrupted. Great processes need expertise in order to develop. In order to have a great flow from the shipper placing the order to the shipment being made, there need to be tried and true processes. This is one of the things that will separate an okay logistics company from the best logistics company.

In addition to great processes, a refrigerated trucking company needs to be flexible. Expertise leads to flexibility mainly through the building of partnered carriers. When a 3PL has over 50,000 carriers to choose from they will be able to find exactly what is needed. Additionally, after so long, they’ve gone through most situations and can adapt pretty quickly.

The Technology

When it comes to refrigerated trucking, the shipper should be expecting track and trace technology and temperature monitoring.

Track and trace allow the shipper to know exactly where their freight is. This is important for shipping temperature-sensitive goods because it is going to have to be loaded and unloaded quickly. The shipper is going to know exactly when the truck arrives so that it won’t be sitting on the dock.

Technology for Refrigerated Trucking and Shipping Map

Temperature monitoring is pretty self-explanatory, it allows the shipper to see the exact temperate of the freight that is being shipped. This provides a nice assurance that their freight is being handled with quality and care. Something that you’d expect from going with the best logistics service.

The People

Great people are always needed in shipping, it is an industry built on trust and integrity. For refrigerated trucking, this is especially the case since the cargo is more fragile. A shipper should be looking to work with people that are communicative and knowledgeable.

Communication is always important, when the shipper reaches out it is vital that their calls are being answered. If the shipping company has expertise then they should already have processes set up to make this easy

Additionally, the people need to be knowledgeable. You cannot offer the best logistics service if your people have no idea what they’re doing! The team needs to know ins and outs of the industries that they are working in, the trailers they are shipping, and the market as a whole. As a shipper, when you partner with a refrigerated trucking company or any trucking company you should be gaining more than a simple shipping service. You should be gaining access to the knowledge of industry professionals that can make a recommendation to improve your operations.

A Summary on Refrigerated Trucking

So, as we stated, refrigerated trucking requires expertise, technology, and the right people. As a shipper, it is VERY worth spending the time to find a logistics company that will work for you. One that is going to provide the best logistics service.

Expertise, technology, and team are three things that Becker Logistics is very focused on and always building. We have been in the industry for over 24 years and have built up the teams, processes, and technology to ensure success. We aim to make shipping simple for everyone involved in the process. If you are interested in working with Becker Logistics you can reach out and contact us. Additionally, if you want to start shipping immediately then click here and request a quote.

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