Expand Your Circle & Create the Career You Love

Life at Becker Logistics

Working at Becker goes beyond just having a job, it is molding a career for yourself with the support of talented co-workers.

Becker Logistics sets itself apart because we hire only the top candidates that are well-qualified and experienced professionals in the logistics industry. Not only do we hire the brightest, but we also pride ourselves on being widely diverse.

A Diverse & Inclusive Community

We welcome employees and applicants from all backgrounds and areas of life to truly create a workplace that celebrates every individual.

At Becker, you’ll discover an inclusive culture of innovation, growth, and professionalism, supported by resources that make a real difference in your life.

Shared Values, Aligned Mission

Our values are what we stand for and the standard of conduct in which we measure ourselves. In addition, they strongly communicate our commitment to the talented individuals that work for us and with us. This is what can be expected by current and prospective employees of Becker Logistics who share the same values.


Doing the right thing, no matter the cost.


Optimizing best practices for efficiency.


Offering competitive benefits and growth opportunities.


Respect & acknowledge all team members.


Providing quality training for further professional growth.


Always available through an open-door policy.


Procedural standards for a safe work environment.


Flexible WFH to keep a balance of family and work.

Perks at Work

At every level of our organization, employees can find themselves growing through challenging work. Great work never goes unnoticed at Becker Logistics. We believe in rewarding our employees and highlighting their achievements. We care about the mental and physical well-being of our employees. Stocked refrigerators with beverages, volunteering options, and fun fitness challenges are some of the many perks at Becker Logistics.

Becker Logistics employee in meeting room

“We have a great team here at Becker Logistics, our culture is able to thrive whether you are working from home or in office.”

-Dan, Compliance Coordinator

“At Becker, I not only feel included and that my input matters, I also get to help others discover what matters most to them.”

-Robert, Organizational Development Specialist

Becker Logistics employee working at desk