Becker Logistics EDI

At Becker Logistics, we believe that every customer should have ease of access. With this in mind, we are always searching for the best and most user-friendly tools for you to use.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) was created to grant easier business-to-business communication. It’s a great tool that offers flexibility to each customer and partner by allowing data validation and other support tools, including aid during the order acceptance procedure, inputting new customers and transactions, reviewing older transactions and overseeing current ones, as well as configuring those tools to fit your business best.

By using EDI for your supply chain, we can guarantee you will save time on every load, greatly lower the opportunity of discrepancies by providing a higher quality of service and ensure on-time delivery each and every time. Additionally, using EDI allows for transparent pricing. The agreed-upon amounts are displayed which leaves no room for confusion. As a customer, there is no additional charge for you to use EDI with us.

Gain a greater view of your shipping process

Keeping data integrity intact

Data integrity intact with valid load tenders – if the information is given, we can map it.

Receive faster replies in logistics

You will receive faster replies to your load vs easily missed or slower communication through portal, phone or email.

Enabled faster and up-to-date load tracking

You will see faster and up-to-date load tracking using standard X12 AT7 codes.

Verification of reference numbers with EDI

Verification of reference numbers by stop level if requested.

easier invoicing with Becker Logistics EDI

Invoicing is easier with all data points mapped for validation before transmission. All internal checks & balances are based on partner requirements. This typically decreases from 60-90 days to 15 days or less.

tracking delayed load with Becker Logistics

Load delay tracking by using the reason/delay code standards. This also includes ease of track & trace for partners (only system contact). This is sent for any 214 code (if requested, this could be different for each type).

Receiving an instant receipt with EDI

An instant receipt is sent for data sent & received.

Enabled Location code cross referencing

Location code cross referencing, which eases flow of loads & locations for both sides.

Set up an EDI with Becker Logistics Today!

Additionally, you can sign up by downloading the form by clicking here and emailing it to Support@BeckerLogistics.