Food Shipping with Becker Logistics

Food Freight Shipped On-Time

Reliable solutions that work for you.

Your freight is secure when you ship with us. Becker Logistics has the experience and tools to ensure that your freight is delivered successfully and on-time.  We only work with proven carriers that have high-performance levels which allows your shipments to be successful.  Additionally, our account managers work with you to make sure that your freight is delivered on-time so that you are not left waiting.

Simplify your shipping and start focusing on your business by partnering with Becker Logistics today.

How we ensure your success

  • Shipments made on-time
  • Multiple points of contact
  • Transparent, market based pricing
  • Flexible operations to fit your needs
  • Data analytics for your success

We know food shipping!

Becker Logistics Employees

You deserve shipping that works for you, shipping that is reliably on-time with no risk.  Becker Logistics offers these by following our customer promises; on-time shipping, multiple points of contact, transparent pricing, flexible service and data analytics.

We provide more than a service, we provide a partnership and we are invested in you.  Becker Logistics knows one thing well and that is shipping freight, so let us use our expertise to allow you to succeed. We give you the tools to enable a shipping process that is easy, reliable and data-driven.