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Plan, direct, and coordinate the activities of Carrier Sales Representatives (CSR’s). This involves training for newly hired CSR’s so that they keep the knowledge from training and the way we move freight consistent and a live. Take each CSR on a professional development journey and ongoing oversight of each CSR’s as they progress within the organization. This would be constructed as a weekly one on one with each CSR in person or Zoom. Analyze the process that they are using and make sure that they are following prescribed process with said selling system and that negotiation skills (BATNA and Bracketing are being used). An emphasis on carrier costs to improve our margins and daily sourcing of new carriers for each lane that your office moves.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Know and apply your company’s daily expectations
  • Know and apply your company’s daily goals
  • Actively coordinate, communicate, and cooperate with sales teams and managers to understand customer expectations and identify carriers to fulfill customer needs.
  • Utilize rate index, history pay, and target pay to have all the data for the best rate and to help when negotiating with carriers
  • Implement the Sandler Selling System on each call
  • Get all necessary information when working the load: MC number, location, origin and destination, tractor number, trailer number, and driver information
  • Negotiation with all carriers: BATNA, Bracketing
  • Offer all tools to carriers when working on a load (Quick Pay, Electronic Tracking, Truck List, etc.).
  • Work the TMS system and utilize the 13 step process for moving loads
  • Updating tracking information on the same day to improve pickups and delivery percentages
  • Serving as a backup to the after-hours track and trace team once a quarter
  • Assist manager to resolve problems concerning transportation, logistics and/or customer service concerns
  • Collaborate with your manager to recommend process changes and process improvements that accomplish organizational goals.
  • Work with management to minimize rolled loads -mitigate why we are rolling said loads and fix the issue.


  • Attend daily/weekly Outward Mindset Zoom Meetings
  • Attend daily CSR Zoom Meetings at 1:20 or 1:35pm only one has to be attended
  • Complete 1 module a month on 3PL LMS
  • Complete 1 HR training a month on 3PL LMS
  • 21 hours of continued education from the Learning and Development department

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Sales and marketing-knowledge of principles and methods for showing, promoting and selling logistics services.
  • Sandler Selling System
  • Carrier Sales Service-Knowledge of principles and processes for providing carrier and personal services. This includes carrier needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services and evaluation of carrier satisfaction.
  • Communication skills-speaking, listening and social perceptiveness as well as the ability to persuade others to change their minds and/or behavior
  • Tolerance for change and ambiguity as the company grows
  • Ability to sell and influence others and to maintain interpersonal relationships both internally as well as with customers
  • Outstanding negotiation skills
  • Adequate typing and data entry capabilities

Leadership Skills

  • Must be able to make good judgments without the benefit of others immediate counsel, and must be an exceptional problem solver
  • Must be able to perform duties autonomously but always seek collaboration when necessary.
  • Create an energized and exciting atmosphere.
  • Ability to sell and influence others and to maintain interpersonal relationships both internally and with carriers
  • Strong desire to learn in a fast-paced environment

Carrier Sales Skills

  • Review Daily Pickup and Deliveries
  • Utilize proper demeanor, Selling System, preparedness, negotiation skills (BATNA & Bracketing), Professionalism, Value, Knowledge, Pleasantness, Respect on calls with carriers
  • Manage your daily dashboard
  • Tracking –follow all tracking and tracing guidelines and SOPs
  • Stay on top of your assigned loads and stay diligently working loads in the MOST EFFECTIVE WAY POSSIBLE (Load boards, history, lane makers, a self-maintained spreadsheet of “regular carriers”)
  • Work with your manager to monitor same day offers – use your efforts to maximize profits
  • Clearly communicating issues and ongoing feedback with your Manager and the Account Managers –excellent customer service
  • Follow the SOP set forth for allowing certain set up carriers
  • Monitor tough Loads and utilize DAT when and if necessary
  • Make sure all after hours/weekend loads are marked as such so that after hours staff can monitor.
  • Maintain integrity with each load that you move
  • Consistently working on carrier relations working on carrier development
  • 2 years of supply chain, transportation, or logistics experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in sales, logistics, transportation related preferred not required
  • Selling System memorized and able to use the system on any given situation
  • Accountability for you and your team
  • Holding your team responsible
  • Know and exercise your leadership style
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