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    Recent Blog Posts

    4 Ways that Technology Impacts Dry Van Trucking Companies

    When it comes to shipping and logistics, dry van trucking companies are usually pretty simple. I mean, it’s a giant box on wheels that can move dry van freight from point A to point B. What level of technology can really be applied? Well, a lot actually. There are constant improvements and innovations being found

    How Communication Leads to Great 3PL Food Logistics

    A 3PL food logistics company needs open and consistent communication. Food is very fragile and the second it is harvested, baked, or made the clock starts to tick. The US alone generates around 133 billion pounds of food waste per year. It’s the obligation and duty of the food logistics company to do what they can to bring that number down.

    Need for Great Customer Service in 3pl Order Fulfillment

    Consistent 3PL order fulfillment requires great customer service. As the 3PL, you must be able to meet every need of the customer until the order is completed. As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, there are 7 steps that an order goes through. Starting off with placing the order, scheduling, dispatching the carrier, loading, transit, delivery, and finally,