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    Recent Blog Posts

    How to Provide the Best Food Shipping Service

    If you are offering a food shipping service then it deserves to be the absolute best it can be. There are processes that need to be in place to guarantee that each order is handled with care. This allows you, as the 3PL, to be quick and flexible without losing quality. At Becker Logistics, we

    Finding a Better Truckload Freight Quote

    Finding a truckload freight quote is easy. However, finding a quote that works for your budget while coming from a trusted shipping provider… well, that on the other hand can be pretty difficult. There are countless full truckload shipping providers out there and no one has time to go through them all. Additionally, even if

    The 3 Pillars of Spectacular Freight Forwarding Services

    Freight forwarding services and those that provide them need to be the best they can be. The shipper is entrusting their freight to this intermediary so it is their responsibility to follow through on their promises and deliver the freight on time and in a good condition. In order to provide the best freight forwarding