Aiming To Be the Best Logistics Company in Chicago

    Logistics and shipping has always played a huge role in Chicago and we are excited to be adding to that rich history. Our Chicago team works hard every day to be the best logistics company in Chicago, they make sure to follow through on everything and provide a high-quality service. The Becker Logistics Chicago office opened in 2017 after the acquisition of Savage Logistics. Since then, the office has made great strides and contributed greatly to Becker Logistics and our success. Feel free to reach out to the Becker Logistics Chicago office by using the contact details below.

    Contact the Chicago Office

    Phone: 630.529.0700 ext. 5444


    Mail: 406 N Aberdeen, 4th floor
    Chicago, lL 60642

    Reliable Logistics with a Chicago 3PL

    To be successful in logistics, you have to be reliable, otherwise, you are just blowing wind. Reliability means following through on your promises and guaranteeing that any and all updates are communicated between the broker and shippers. Problems will always arise in shipping and logistics so it is important to partner with a reliable company that will follow through and looks out for your shipment. It is our aim to be the best logistics company in Chicago and we are doing that with follow-through and reliability on every order.

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