A Dallas 3PL Company Built to Succeed

    The Becker Logistics Dallas, Texas branch was opened in 2019 during a period of massive growth for Becker Logistics. The office has been essential in building relations in the southern US and has allowed us to connect with many different shippers and carriers. We are trying to be a Dallas 3PL company that is reliable and trustworthy, one that delivers results. With the Becker Logistics Dallas office, we hope to open many relationships and continue to expand into new areas. Reach out with the details below if you would like to partner with Becker Logistics on your transportation.

    Contact the Dallas Office

    Phone: 630.529.0700 ext. 3868


    Mail: 6363 North State Highway 161, Suite 575
    Irving, TX 75038

    Dallas Logistics from a Team That Cares

    Our Dallas team is dedicated to making sure that each shipment that they work with gets that extra final touch. It is important to us that a strong relationship can form between our account managers and shippers which is why we only bring on the best people. Our Dallas office is no exception to this rule and each one of the associates there has a great understanding of the account they work with.

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